Platform to connect stakeholders in branded consumer industry

Uplabh extends real world many to many relationships among Brand Owners, Suppliers, Retailers, and the End customers into a single unified eTrade platform on the cloud.

Our purpose

Tranforming businesses through unified digital platform

We at Uplabh are deeply committed to developing disruptive technological solutions that have a transformative effect on Businesses and their Customers. We intend to establish a thriving end-to-end digital ecosystem that is Efficient, Transparent and Predictable across the spectrum while being highly Profitable for everyone involved.

Our Objective is to bring about a significant positive change in our Customers' day-to-day business dealings and purchases. Developing an easy to use, technologically superior and secure product that ticks all the boxes is challenging enough for an established Company let alone a new entrant. But we are determined that there will be no compromises or shortcomings in the solutions that we deliver to our Customers.

Purpose illustration

Our solutions

Technology first approach for complex business requirements

Our Solutions have been designed keeping in mind the diverse requirements across Industries and businesses. They are being developed by employing the best practices prevalent in the Market today and are constantly getting updated/upgraded to maintain their high standards. We are making use of the latest cloud, web and mobile technologies that are scalable, reliable and secure.


For retailers


  • Built to fulfill needs of all variety of Retailers including ones in small Towns & Villages
  • Search and Add Products faster than writing on a Order Books

For distributors


  • A highly responsive Web Application developed keeping in mind both large and small teams
  • Process and Accept Orders swiftly with clarity on Terms, Schemes and Stock Availability

For brands


  • A feature rich and user friendly Web Application for Companies to manage their Brands effectively and efficiently
  • Engage in Real Time with all Stakeholders in the Sales Cycle, like updating Product information, rolling out Offers/Schemes, Promote new Product Launches, etc.