OrderTrail for Brands

Interact with All Stakeholders, Deeper Supply Chain Visibility, Promote Brands Digitally, Accurate Intelligence, and Better Product Launches

For emerging brands


Web Application for Companies to get latest Reports and Analytics from the Marketplace that they can use to view as a whole or drill down to minute aspects like Trade within an Area/Locality. This shall help Companies who are finding it difficult to obtain Real-Time Data from the Tradition Retail segment for the Tertiary Trade that still constitutes the vast majority of all their sales.

Retailer Solution
Distribution Analysis
Know distribution Reach of your Suppliers by looking at Retailers serviced by them, and realizing the Supply Gaps that you may not have been aware of.
Engage Everyone
Engage in Real Time with all Stakeholders in the Sales Cycle, like updating Product information, rolling out Offers/Schemes, Promote new Product Launches, etc.
Learn Market Potential
Find Actual Market Interest & Potential by identifying the difference between Retailer Demand vis a vis Fulfilled Orders.
Real Time Visibility
Genuine Real Time Data from the Marketplace giving you complete visibility into the last mile of the supply chain, like narrowing down to study the Trade metrics within an Area/Locality.